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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jayne Harvey Visits the USA from the UK

Thank's to Jayne and her book, Crack the Cancer Code, Greg and I were able to meet a person first hand that has healed herself 12 yrs ago with food and a great mindset. Jayne stayed with us this past week and even though she's British and doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving...we have much to be thankful for. Her message saved my life and continues to inspire others.

Diamond Executive Scott Falany of Jacksonville FL aslo paid us a visit during this time. Our home was filled with over 60 guests all interested in the Monavie Opportunity. In these tough times, Greg and I were happy to help create over 100 new job positions in our company.

Jayne spoke about Antioxidants at our "tasting party" and also counselled a few of my patients at the practice about diet and healing cancer.

Friday, December 12th at 4pm, we are hosting a Party For Life to support the Cancer Project. For more information, go to Unfortunately, Jayne had to leave for the UK but she left behind some very healthy minded people who are willing to share what we've learned with all those who attend. Her book will be offered at a discount during the event.