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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Beautiful Truth Movie

If you havn't been reading this blog, you may not know that I've been passing along free informatoin to those willing to learn about healing. This is the kind of information one pays dearly for. I find the word "alternative" an oxymoron. With FOOD being my medicine, the alternative to this would be more surgery, drugs and radiaiton. Interestingly, these treatments are covered- my food and suppliments are not.
This movie is not yet released but you can view the trailer.
The Beautiful Truth Movie

If you liked that trailer...get Simply Raw and Food Matters. Try Crazy Sexy Cancer for refreshing outlook when being handed an "incurable" diagnosis.

Don't stop The China Study if you think you knew about healthy again. This is a national best seller. You can think of this as the owner's manual to the human body.

We beleive this should be mandatory reading for anyone entering the health field and required reading for grade school students, teachers and cafeteria program directors.

For more informatoin: go to This site offers a free download of the Cancer Survivors Handbook.