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Sunday, October 12, 2008


For a few long months this year, my life was "hijacked" by cancer and the fear of unknown. Several months had passed before I had the courage to embark on this quest. What I'm about to give to you, the reader, not only cost me thousands of dollars and a right breast, it set me free.
You see, I needed to find the "answer to cancer" or at the very least, the truth about why this is such an epidemic and "why me".

I knew you couldn't find a solution until you knew what the proplem was. So my journey began. I began to ask questions, read, interview, travel, watch DVD's and get 2nd,k 3rd and 4th opinions. I recommend you do all the same.

In 2 months, I absorbed more data than some people have the opportunity to view in a lifetime. I rapidly learned that at 44 yrs old, most of the information given to me was either incorrect or incomplete. We've all heard the phrase, "the truth shall set you free". It's true. I'm here- alive today to tell you...always seek the truth. Fear is darkness. Knowledge is light. Just as light puts out darkness, knowledge conqueres fear. Syncronicity put people in my life at this juncture who helped me find that knowledge, quell my fear and give me the couragae to look within.

The enlightenment I experienced from this journey amazing. There were many experts telling me what to do. After the reasearch I put in, I chose the expert inside of me- my conscious. How empowering is that! Its quite a realization when you actually trust yourself to listen to yourself. To do this, one requires knowledge. Beleiving in yourself and that knowledge is what sets you can also heal!