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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Happiest New Year

Yes, it's been one year since my diagnosis and I'm doing great. NO drugs, No chemo. No radiation. No more medical procedures other than a blood test now and then. Cancer FREE.

I owe it all to The China Study by T.Colin Campbell, my doctors Harris Brody and Karl Goldkamp and the changes I've made in my diet this year. If you havn't seen the show THE DOCTORS featured on Jan 7,09 you must go to this link:

We had a very successful Cancer Project party on Dec 12th 08. It made the press here in Mystic and I plan to do this every quarter. Our guest Speaker, Neal Barnard, who was also featured on the ELLEN SHOW will be back again this quarter.

I also had the great pleasure of meeing Dr. Buttar at his last lecture in Orlando on New Years. What a way to welcome in 2009- surrounded with people who know about better health.

And if you havn't read this book yet: Harnessing the Healing Power of Fruit by Roger Rinn, you are missing the point about better health. Dr. Rinn was also at the Orlando event and I'm shown with him here. I told him that I was living proof that his book is true.