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Vitamix for Life

Monday, September 29, 2008

Equipment I needed to purchase

Vitamix: The number one item on our list. We never heard of it before unitl Tim Bishop sent me one for my birthday. To this day, it's the singlmost item responsible for quick starting my raw food lifestyle. I probably would not have purchased a $450 item for myself that seemed to be just another kitchen gadget but that was before I knew about Raw Food.

It's a turbo blender that can cook soup and make ice cream all in one. There is a great DVD that comes with the purchase so its "out of the box" easy to use and easy to clean. Best smoothies we've ever had- we take our on trips all the time. I use mine 3 times a day! They are made in USA by a family in Ohio. If you use this code, you will get free shipping: 06-003490.
Get the 5200 model. Ask me for a brochure.

Samson 6 in 1 Juicer: Even though it's not the first on my list, this was the very first peice of equipment I purchased. It juices wheat grass with ease. I recently ordered a portable manual plastic model which you can find on the website.

Saladaco: Helps to spiralize veggies to make "pasta" and fun decorative salads

Mandolin: Benriner makes it easy to slice thin sections. I use this for raw raviolies (turnip)

Dehydrator: Excalibur 5 or 9 tray unit- you'll need this for those coconut Macaroons!

Banana holder: Organic bananas are great to freeze when they are ripe (remove the skins)

Steamer: Organic Rice and veggies on low temp

The BioMat Essential for healing, far infared energy from within an amathyst crystal mat that detoxifies cells and puts the mind into a theta state of healing.