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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A new perspective

Six yeas after initial cancer I've learned that feeling strong & having a strong immune system are not always the same thing. I've been re-educated about the
effects of sugar on my immune system and how my departure from my plant based lifestyle has promoted cancer once again. Live & learn. It's a humbling process - you never stop learning:)
I regret to inform that fructose from fruit is even considered a "bad" sugar when it comes to cancer!
According to Hippocrates Health Institute where I spent last April /May, I should be fruit free for 2 years & eating a diet rich in sprouts. I'm back on wheat grass but this time making all the corrections to my first try at this. Failure is part of success. Not to worry- the body is resilient & my new lifestyle took 40lbs off my frame already!

I'm taking a leave from business & focussing on health & education for the next few months. Please follow If I had this knowledge s few years ago- much of what I'm dealing with may have been avoided. It's not too late for anyone!
I had a metastasis to my spine. It was painful and prevented me from walking. The reoccurrence reminds me every day that we should not take things for granted. Feeling & looking good is no indication of the dangers that lie within what we are eating and telling ourselves.
The good news is that dis-ease can be reversed with a plant based diet and a change in lifestyle! Drs Brian & Anna Maria Clement have this knowledge to share with each of you at
Rest assured I will be up & walking again. My hope is to mentor others & organize group trips to their center in West Palm Beach! Once you experience this place- you'll want to return again too:)