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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wellness Concierge Closes for the New Year

The center is closed but the message is alive and well.  The location of 23 Clara Drive has been closed.  Due to an underutilization of the space, we were forced to close our doors last December.  I will always be a supporter of alternative health practices and will continue to refer my clients to the many practitianers who were members of the center.  It is my hope that each of you will view the film Forks Over Knives which illustrates the very path I chose to take over 3 years ago.  Although I'm not featured in this particular movie, it embodies everything I've been blogging about and has vindicated some of the 'radical' changes that I have made in my life and my career. Many of you know that I have returned to practice 1 day per week at Professional Eye Care in Waterford CT.  I am accepting new clients and would be happy to share my first hand knowledge of this film and subject matter as part of our consultation.  Feel free to call 860 442-5058 for an appointment.