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Monday, December 21, 2009

Time for a New Year & New Changes

I havn't written in nearly 2 months. I retired from my 7 yr old practice and decided to work 1 day/week. This was the best health decision I made in over a year. The stress of owning a private practice/small business was too great & I realized over the past year and one half that life is too short for these kinds of worries.
From this change came another fantastic opportunity. I changed the site once called Visions into Wellness Concierge, Natural Health & Healing. WIth the support of Greg and my dear freind Jamie Lee, we created a model where holistic practicianers can extend their reach of clients to the Mystic Area. The idea was well recieved and my hope is to keep Wellness Alive, viable, & Visable!!! It took me too long to find the necessary folks I needed in my quest for's now my turn to help others find them effortlessly. Visit our new site this year
DOn't forget that if you have an HSA, you need to spend those pre-tax dollars before 2010. Feel free to contact us at in order to purchase a gift of health for the new year!
Happy Holidays to all and thank you for your support!