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Monday, September 29, 2008

People I Needed to Meet

There are no coincindences. The people I've met on my journey were meant to come into my life at these exact moments. The only way that I could have found these truths was to collide with the knowlege of these individuals. If you've seen the movie, The Secret, you know what I mean.

The first person I met was Jayne Harvey, England. Jayne had puplished a download of her book, Crack The Cancer Code . In my desperate search for an "alternative" cure, I found Jaynes book, read it and began following it until one day she emailed me. Her message saved me emotionally. I learned that there other people out there who didn't use conventional medicine to health themselves and I could do it too! We began a wonderful friendship online. I plan to host her visit to the USA and assist with putting this work of art on DVD.

While this was going on, my neighbor Angie told be about wheat grass. Her mother, Joanne, had gone thru this many years ago and felt it was an excellent thing to read about. I quickly contacted an online source and spoke to Katherine about ordering a juicer and some harvested grass that she sends FedEx fresh from Fl. This was my introduction to Sampson 6 in 1 juicers and the Wheatgrass book. I learned some eye openning stuff from this book which led me to the next step...alternative medicine.

As I juiced grass, Dr. Chris Deveau learned about my situation and brought over a case of Monavie. This is a high antioxidant puree derived from 19 fruits including the acai berry from Brazil. Chris informed me that it helps to reduce inflammation and protect the immune system. I needed that so I began 3 oz in the am and pm every day. Greg did the same. What followed was amazing...

I called my freinds Lauren and Dana to tell them what was up. They sent me a Life Extension article about CoQ10 and cancer. I learned quickly that I was lacking a few vitamins and minerals even thought I pride myself on taking my daily suppliments. My OBGN told me to have my Vit D levels checked. Dr. David Schwindt, my MD told me about the need for Melatonin and exercise. Everyone involved became part of the "make Jackie well again team". I was surrounded by great energy and fantastic minds.

Chris suggested I see Dr. Karl GoldKamp so I did. We did blood tests and determined what suppliments I needed to boost my immunity and rescue my body from the state it was in. I learned so much about myself. I had a heavy metals urine test, a spectrocell test for coQ10, natural killer cell tests and lots of education on how to eat right. Karl suggested that I take my daily dose of Monavie PULSE (just released Sept 08) since it has ingredients proven to fight cancer cells.

Karl also suggested I pursue colon hydrotherapy. Yup, that's the one thing I said I'd never do. But when you are trying to detox and clean out years of meat and dairy byproducts, you've got to do this. He referred Linda Zitka, RN, ACH, CHT who made another amazing difference in my life. She offers many therapies including the "Susan Somers" Ondamed laser treatment.

Meanwhile, my neighbor Angie, introduced me to her mom. Joanne had suggested I take a trip to PA to meet her doctor from 13 yrs ago. She was so vibrant and glad to help so I said I'd go. Sadly, this didn't happen until after my surgery but I eventually got around to it. It seemed kind of far, I was pressured by getting this surgery over with and I was getting pretty down on "alternatives" after looking into a few other options. I had a right mastectomy in May of 2008.

By Mid June, I called for an appointment with Joanne's doctor. Rene Scally answered the phone. That was pretty wild since I was childhood freinds with Patty Scally (Rene's sister in law). My parents had just return from a trip to PA in which they told me they "ran into" Rene. Somthing in the stars were lined up here- I know I had to make this appointment with Dr. Harris Brody H.M.D., N.M.D, CN. Little did I know that this was Rene's father. He would be the one who would change my life forever. He told me about Raw Food and how my body was infected by a yeast called Candida. Dr Brody discussed the healing power of RAW CHOCOLATE and turned me onto David Wolfe, worlds authority on Superfoods- (He's also into planting trees and promoting chocolate for health- my kind of guy!). My friend Connie accompanied me to this visit since I was 1 month postop. We were both amazed how food could heal the body of this condition and much more!

I returned with the feeling that this would just not fly with Greg. Afterall, we were big carnivores. We even were signed up to get "meat in the mail" by Allen Bros and Omeha Steaks! At first we were both a bit reluctant. Weviewd the DVD Healing Cancer together after my return from PA. We were each motivated to not live another day in poor health. We learned about the "mis"information handed to Americans by the food and drug companies, big corporations, government and media. We read the book, The China Study-Human beings were not meant to eat animal products.
We learned it, we accepted it and we started doing it. In June of this year, we began eating raw!

Cold Turkey- that's what it was. No coffee, no sugar, no meat, no dairy, no wheat, nothing processed. No animal protein- not even fish!

I called Linda Norris, RN to do a Barbara Brennan healing with me to lift my spirits after my mastectomy. Linda knew about raw food and turned me onto She was surprised to find me in excellent health and pretty upbeat considering what I had just been thru. I don't know what actually happened that day but this is when my mission began. I had a real spiritual breakthrough. I thought the Secret was a great movie- well I was living it. Other healers like David Farkas and Maggie Landman (from Australia) and my friend Indigo Nat came to visit me. Everywhere I turned, I ran into someone else who knew just what to do and say. The "make jackie well again team" was growing- I couldn't help but feel better with all this great energy swirling around me. I was attracting people into my life that I never knew I could.

I had heard about the BioMat through a friend. I scheduled a session without knowing that the BioMat Clinic was next door to my surgeon's office! (talk about synchronicity) After feeling the soothing effects of the BioMat, I was ready to have one shipped to my home ASAP. The BioMat's light technology speeds up cell renewal, providing detoxification and deep relaxation to assist the body in balancing itself. You lay on this amethyst crystal mat feeling the warmth from the Far Infrared rays penetrating several inches into your body. Negative ions being the third component allow for (optimal cell functioning & health, especially the removal of cellular wastes)....
When I went for my 2 week check-up following the surgery, my surgeon was amazed at how quickly my incision had healed AND there was no bruising of the skin typical for manipulation of the area. I sleep on my BioMat as much as I can. Greg had an amazing reaction to it..we both felt the clarity of mind, detox effects, weight loss and basic higher energy level. Our attitudes began to change for the positive- no more stress! For additional information, contact Independent International BioMat Distributor Jocelyne Colombe at 860.830.1115 or
Turns out, Jocelyn is Egyptian and is a spiritual healer too. I was just following a lead to get a gizmo for my health and I found another individual who would be instrumental in helping me in my mission. Did you ever notice the synchronicities in life? They become stronger as you get closer to following your mission. If you are not in tune with your mission, you miss these opportunities. Being "in tune" is what was turning Greg and I on. We lived for the next big "coincidence". Boy did they keep comming....

Greg was the very first person I attracted into my life 6 yrs ago. Without him, none of this would have been possible. He stood by me thru 4 different biopsies, many opinions and appointments, tears, fears and lots of self doubt and ultimately a right mastectomy. He always supported that my gut feelings were correct- no matter how many conflicing opinons we were given. I trusted him to help me make these decisions because he is one of the greatest decison makers of all time. We agreed that I needed the surgery inorder to label myself "cured". We both knew that removing a breast or nuking my system wasn't going to "cure" me of cancer. The tumors were just "warning" signs of the condition my body was in (just like an idiot light on the dashboard). I was being told by a force from within that "It's time to clean up my act". We both knew it had to come from a change in diet, a change in thinking and a change in how we lived. This was a paradigm shift for our entire family and the best thing we ever did. Change is good- beleive me.

Greg was the last person on earth I thought would embrace a raw food diet. He did it because he not only loved me and wanted to support my health; he learned the truth by watching Healing Cancer and that's what set us both free. Not only did we each loose 15 lbs but emotional baggage and negativity slipped away. How nice to feel alive from eating LIVE FOOD. (I knew radiation and drug therapy wouldn't have done that for me!) Happy feelings emerged, more energy, no more aches and pains, dry skin, acne or allergies. We were convinced we'd live forever feeling this good. We had the "glow".
Knowing we were on the right path, we began to tell others about what we've experienced.

Now EVERYONE was noticing us. "What where they doing?" Didn't she just have surgery? How can they be this happy after just being diagnosed with cancer? What is going on? Are they really eating RAW FOOD?
This is where the story gets really good. ..there is just too much to tell in a blog.

This video was fimed over 1 year ago (5 months before my diagnosis). The show featured on the top right of this blog was filled DURING my biopsies and pre-surgical consults. Even though the fear was there, I was determined to be the person I was pre-cancer. Thanks to the events that brought all these terrific people to my side, I emerged even brighter than ever!